Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Twits

Being a series of random might-have-been-tweets from the week:

# "I for one welcome our new computer overlords" (who said this?)

# "Mum, I only want you to criticize me when I want you to!" (who said this?)

# FDPG motors through a chocolate mousse roll but takes HOURS to eat her chow mein. Why is this?

# 4-H Public Speaking ends on a high note! Whoo hooo!

# Three days under a grow light and the moonlight marigolds are sprouting.

# The Dutch door in the kitchen was open all morning - could it be spring?

# I find some paper covers to make my matchboxes look like books. Is there anything more exciting?

#Watson doesn't know his Harry Potter from his Voldemort. I am SHOCKED.

# Sheila learns to crochet. The world might just stop and shudder for a moment.

#Almost forgot: someone is giving away MOUTHWASH on Freecycle. Mouthwash? Someone else's mouthwash? Blech.


Suji said...

Oh did you watch Watson on Jeopardy too? We were like two crazed groupies hoping Ken would win...sigh. Congrats on the 4H win! Would you like to come over and wrap my matchboxes too? I'm missing meeting online friends in real life.

sheila said...

I'm knocking on your door right now, Suji. How come you aren't answering? I know, I know, it's because I take too many cat photos, isn't it?

I was surprised at how poorly Ken did that first show, you know. That other guy was weirdly good.