Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Twits

# I ROCK at Teen Jeopardy.

# Socca is my new favourite food, especially when slathered with pesto. (Note to self: grow more basil next year, pesto supply is dwindling)

# Remind me again why the old-fashioned Christmas lights went out of style? The ones heating my greenhouse are at least 40 years old - and they work just fine, as opposed to the 2 year old set of LED lights that are highly temperamental.

# Living on a hill has its upsides when it snows: built-in sledding potential. Haven't seen the twins in a few hours...

# Why do the twins like to lie in the snow and pretend they are dead? It's very disconcerting.

# Public Service Announcement: The people at Xerxes have a new book out, called Attracting Native Pollinators.

# Ron Sexsmith was interviewed by Jian Gomeshi today and wonder of wonders but I just HAPPENED to be listening to it. What a wonderfully gloomy interview. Ron Sexsmith rocks. Buy his new album so he can afford to take his band on tour, please. LOL

# Downton Abbey has announced its new season, with new characters. I await it with bated breath (emphasis on the bated bit).


Suji said...

Mmmm, that socca looks good. I didn't even know it existed prior to reading your post. Are the twins back in? Kiddo would love one of those hills...did you know they actually predicted it will snow in the Bay Area today? If these eerie weather patterns repeat themselves we may decide to create an artificial hill instead of a pond in the garden.

Heather said...

Socca does sounds good and I think I might still have some chickpea flour in my rapidly emptying pantry. Will have to check because I know I still have pesto in my freezer and wine in my cupboard.

blugg: When I looked out the kitchen window at our thermometer this morning it read -23 (and that was right by the house!). Blugg!!

sheila said...

Oh, you guys have to make socca! It's amazing. I made it as pancakes instead of one large flat pizza, mostly because it was easier for the 5 of us. We ate a doubled recipe - every single bite. Gosh it was good.

Blugg, Heather! I am not liking the snow here at ALL. It sucks big time. I hope you didn't get any, Suji.