Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Snow Is Rising (Again)

Look! It's Toffee the Snowcat, intrepid wanderer in the snow, ploughing reluctantly through the whiteness that appeared in the backyard while he was dreaming sweet dreams without care in the night.

He went out (and came in almost instantly) about 12 times this morning before I finally hauled him out to the backyard and chucked him on the snow. Then we cruel heartless humans followed him around with a camera (and maybe a little laughter) while he gingerly waded around. I admire his resolve: when he needs to pee at 3am he has no compunction in waking ANYONE up to let him out; when he needs to pee and it's snowing? That cat has a bladder to match, well, to match a Super Bladder.

Balancing act on last year's echinacea.

Look at those top hats.

Coral bark maple, gleaming redly in its coat of snow.

Thunderous looking skies in one direction - sun in the other direction. Make up your mind, sky!

Glancing off the side of the deck. Very atmospheric, although we've already brought in two sparrows on their last legs (both have since died). Poor sparrows, I think the cold was too sudden for their old bodies.

Life on the coast - very unpredictable.

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Andrea said...

Yuck! At least I could read without being overcome with envy today.... its -12 this morning here... But the wind is blowing in (slightly)warmer weather. Very hard to imagine that I have at times planted lettuces and other cool weather crops the beginning of March... Garden still a frozen wasteland.