Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regular Programming...

With another form to send to the CRTC. If you are Canadian and you use the internet you really MUST sign this. Click on the first link there, the one that ends with "/crtc." And if your kids have email addresses, have THEM send a form too. Then pass this on to your friends and have THEM sign it as well.


The CRTC just announced they will reexamine metered billing practices. They are seeking public input right now! This is a huge opportunity to stop Internet metering, and to ensure Canadians have access to an unlimited Internet.

Please take a moment to send the CRTC a message here: asked Canadians to send Ottawa a message about Internet metering, and wow did you ever respond – over 420,000 signed the petition!

The CRTC's move to review the imposition of billing practices through a public process is in direct response to our petition - they even cited the "public outcry".

At the same time, we all know a Big Telecom-friendly compromise is being pushed behind closed doors. To avoid another industry crafted solution we urgently need to send a message to the CRTC HERE.

We must sway the CRTC now to make our previous victories stick. If we don't convince the CRTC, all could be lost - all Internet users could face a metered Internet and pay up $4 per gigabyte!

We’ve already moved politics in Canada and made it easy for politicians to champion the Internet. Let’s force the CRTC to do the same.

We’ve come this far, let’s not stop now,

~ The team

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