Monday, April 16, 2012

Flowers In The Garden

And yes, I do mean that literally. Is winter almost a memory? Let's hope so. I'm ready for it to be over with, although the other night Max was sitting on the deck and a mosquito buzzed his ear. I'm not ready for mosquitoes. In fact, I'm never ready for mosquitoes.

Saturday we spent driving up island to a regional public speaking event for one of the kids. Long drive up, long drive home. Fun, triumphant, but tiring.

Sunday dawned clear and warm, so I went out to see what I could do with the weeds and quack grass. I spread a tarp on the lawn, for the weeds, and got to work. (dry the weeds in the sun until they are good and dead, then it's easy to dispose of them)

Here you see my nicely edged...edge. I'm all about appearances, you know.

I sprinkled some alfalfa meal over the little pots de pois sucre in the greenhouse. (and yes, I am being silly, no one in their right mind calls a sweet pea a pois sucre)

They are looking pretty green considering the size of their pot. They were the smallest yogurt pots around, I'm sure, but perfect for a seed or two.

I know, just call me Cruel Sweet Pea Potter.

Fuller's Teasel in the background. Tomato seedlings in the foreground.

Another view of the yard. At this time of year clear plastic features heavily in my yard decor.

The boards are keeping the birds from eating the freshly sown lawn seed.

They don't seem to be deterring the cat, though. Silly cat - he's terrified of my new runners but nonchalant among my wire and board traps.

Garlic and strawberry leaves. I like how green the leaves are. Such a warm, clear, glowing green.

Asparagus - we have liftoff.

Finally. Its ears must have been burning because I was on the verge of getting rid of this until-this-moment-non-existent asparagus bed.

Now they're sprouting up all over the place.

And don't be telling me it's all the kelp and rock phosphate I've been feeding it, either, because it sucked that up last year AND the year before, without doing anything.

I am clearly not an asparagus whisperer.

The rhubarb has already given us several pints of jam, two crisps, and a few Chomps In The Garden for the twins.

Nice rhubarb.

Good rhubarb.

Low maintenance pet of mine.


Jack Frost.


No idea which one, though. Got it at a garden sale and they had no idea either. It's extremely pretty though, considering how cheap it was and how expensive the awful Raspberry Splash was (and how underwhelming IT'S been as a plant).

A bright red and yellow note to end on...

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