Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Look What The Pot Forced Up!

We're making Early Rhubarb Jam today. I've mentioned before how you can force your rhubarb (although I prefer the idea of being a Rhubarb Whisperer) by covering it with a large terracotta pot at the first sign of emerging nubs, but I'm going to mention it again because it's such a useful trick. The photo above shows the rhubarb I picked yesterday - real live fresh rhubarb - just in case you think I'm tricking you instead of the rhubarb.

Our recipe comes from the ever so charming River Cottage Handbook No. 2: Preserves, but I see that it's also available online, here.


Mrs. Deeply Suburban said...

Oh, glorious! Rhubarb is my absolute favourite. Have you ever seen Ben Pentreath's rhubard forcers?

Now there's a garden.

Some good news coming, by the way!

sheila said...

Oh my GOSH. How beautiful is that? That church! That house. That big yard.

Forcers? Where?

Good News? YES! Hurray!

Mrs. Deeply Suburban said...

Fifth photo down. Or check out the supplier:

Yes, nothing like the English garden. I could easily spend hours reading Ben Pentreath's blog--and his shop.

Sebastian says he'll make you a rhubarb forcer when he gets his wheel and kiln going. (But don't throw out your regular forcer just yet....)

Samantha said...

In my eyes, you are the Rhubarb Whisperer.

(And if you colour your hair red, you could totally be Wild Ginger... hee hee hee. I love that name and now want to paint something with that colour.)

sheila said...

Mrs D - I am so glad you're coming back to your senses, err, I mean, the West Coast! I'll fire the kiln up now so it's hot when you get here.

How did you stumble upon Ben's site?

Heather said...

Maybe you could say "encourage" instead of "force"? Has a much nicer ring.

Mrs. Deeply Suburban said...

I follow Michael Penny, a talented young Toronto designer, and Michael follows Ben. That's how these things go. Luckily neither posts too often. I had to give up the Apartment Therapy blog because 40 post a day no matter how fascinating, kept my ass in the chair far too long.

I agree Heather. Nobody wants a reputation as a rhubarb bully.

BTW: Closing on the house is June 28th. Looking for a place from about July 10th, Vancouver preferred and must take dogs!