Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Redux

Last night, before the Canucks kicked themselves out of the play-offs, Dominic gave me a demonstration of an almost-goal, using chopped green onions. He did not find this odd in any way. Schneider was a large chunk of white, his goal? Green bits.

I spent two afternoons weeding in the Former Butterfly Garden, removing 5 wheelbarrow loads of couch grass, dandelions, daisies, and bishop's weed. FIVE LOADS. What's eye-rolling about this is that I'm not finished weeding...

The twins entered a 4-H event - a demonstration event - for the first time ever, doing a demonstration on why we should compost. And they won. They were quite shocked, I think. In all the photos I took afterwards, of the entire group of demonstrators, FDPG is studying the comment cards carefully, while Dominic is staring at his gold medal.

The celeriac is FINALLY up. So are the cactus seeds. It only took two weeks and a plastic bag over the entire pot.

Newspaper is a really excellent weed smotherer. I no longer feel irritated by the fact that Max's paper route company gives him far more papers than he needs, because I will use them in my never-ending Battle of the Dratted Periwinkle. A battle that I am winning, with all these newspapers. Ha, take that, you scurvy Periwinkle, you.

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Andrea said...

Haha, isn't it funny how different things are? I baby my periwinkle to get it to grow!