Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heat Memories

Look at that big slab of cat lying there in the sun.

That's Toffee, also known as FatCat, also known as 'the cat who would prefer never to move again if he could help it' (unwieldy but apt). We had a very sunny, very warm Easter Sunday. Then we had a warm sunny Easter Monday. So warm I dug up the herb bed. So warm I divided the artichokes. So warm I transplanted some roses. I did a number of late but necessary garden chores.

All the while our Toffee lounged in the sun.



Letting ants crawl over him even.

Now THAT is lazy.

Twirling and curling and twisting, all the better to sun his furry furry coat.

And now it's raining. Still warm, but wet.

His memories are of warm sun, while mine are of warm earth.

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