Sunday, October 7, 2007

ER Visit For Fairy-Diva-Pony Girl

Poor FDPG, she fell on Dominic's bed this morning and cut her eyelid rather badly, which meant that she and I got to spend some time together in the ER, awaiting a medical judgement on the need (or not) for stitches. As I carried her to the ER from the parking lot in the pouring rain, I remarked "It's you and me again, Katie," to which she replied "It's always just you and me, Mum, and it always will be." Good thing I already had rain pouring down my face.

After a botched attempt at gluing her cut, the doctor discussed sedation, since FDPG was getting a little tense about the prodding and poking of her eyelid. I balked, since sedation also meant that there would be the "coming out of sedation" phase, and my FDPG is a pretty high-strung little ball of wax. Her nightmares are legendary around these parts. Fortunately the doctor agreed with me and we discussed Steri-Strips and Their Application. I outed myself as a serious band-aid putter onner, and FDPG and I were able to leave the ER relatively unscathed, although she does have a lot of caked blood around her eye that will have to be washed off oh-so gently. But I'm going to do a Scarlet and make that happen tomorrow, which is another day.

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