Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fairy Mushrooms

We were all quite enthralled to see these today. There were more pushing their way out of the ground, too. One of those moments when nature seems both mysterious AND delightful.
We took a less perfect one home with us to make a print with. Ever done this? You place the mushroom cap (gill side down) ever so gently onto a piece of construction paper (choose a dark colour or you might not be able to see the spores after), then leave it overnight. I like to place a large solid bowl overtop the whole thing just in case. The resulting print should be placed inside a sheet protector if you want to preserve it, otherwise it'll smudge.


Sara said...

Oooh, that's an amanita muscaria isn't it? Very pretty!

sheila said...

It is! And in such pristine condition, considering they were beside a busy path.

There were about 10 of them in the same area and we could see what they looked like when they first pushed through the ground. It was very cool. We ended up with a great gill print, too.