Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing Doctor

I'd add a photo to this post but FDPG has forbidden me from showing a picture of her eye to anyone, including you, Gentle Reader. Sorry. Suffice to say that it still looks rather gross, but that's because of the glue the ER doctor rather ineptly applied to the eyelid. I know, it's tough trying to work on little kids in an emergency situation, but I could see that glued eye coming a mile away. Now her lashes are all sloshed together in a clump at the corner of her eye and give her the itches big time.

It's weird dealing your kids when they are injured or in pain: hard to watch, hard to not feel powerless and slightly panicky, hard to clean and bandage cuts when they cause the bearer to sob with self-pity and pain. So, yes, in answer to anyone's question, I AM having a tough time dealing with FDPG. The mornings are the worst: she comes upstairs with a glued eyelid and I have to apply a warm, drippy facecloth to soften up the goop, then Q-tip it away. And I have to tell her a zillion times why she shouldn't scratch it. And tell her not to horse around too much. Not to ride her scooter. Not to race up and down the driveway like a maniac. Not to lie in the bath listening to Black Beauty or Dianne Wynne Jones. Not to rub her eyes. Ugh, the list is endless. And yes, it IS necessary, because the cut has already opened up once, in response to some rather lively Lego Sales downstairs in Dominic's room. My little FDPG is one wild gal when she gets going. It's hard to keep a tight rein on her without feeling as though I'm trying to corral a Phantom of my own. Fortunately little Toffee requires a VERY still lap if he is to be held, so FDPG has something to distract her for a bit.

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