Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tardis? Toffee? Titus?

What does this little guy look like? Right now we're calling him Toffee, because he resembles a buttery smooth caramel. Max and I had intended to call him Tardis, because of our obsession for Dr. Who, but when we got him home he didn't seem very Tardis-like. We tried Marmalade, Ginger, and Tiger, but they didn't fit him either.

He's a pound cat. Thanks to a rotating library strike, we were at loose ends for the hours after lunch, so I whipped us all out to the pound. Our last cat, Tarzan, died 6 years ago and we've been pining for a cat ever since. And now, thanks to a Starbucks employee who scooped him out of the dumpster where he'd been living, we have one.

If you have anything more exciting, with two or three syllables, do let me know.

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