Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Miss Origami

Picasso had his Blue period, Gaugin had his Tahitian phase, van Gogh fell for the sunflower, and Dufy went to the south of France; well, at our house Katie is going through a Japanese period. She watches anything made by Miyazaki (well, anything I'll let her watch, because she DOES have those nightmares), eats all her meals with a kitschy Japanese fork someone gave us, can sing the Totoro theme song (much to the cat's discomfort), and practically worships at the altar of origami.

From the second - nay, the nanosecond - she wakes up until the instant she falls asleep, Katie is thinking of what she can fold and shape next. She's gotten quite good at it lately, after many a mishap with things like 'inflatable' ornaments (didn't know they made THOSE in origami, now, did you?). But now she's put that legion of tiny paper penguins, cranes, pencils, and collared shirts to good use - she's sending cards out. Fortunately my mother and father are good sports. If Katie had penpals they'd be getting them too, but she doesn't, so they aren't. (follow that?)

Anyhow, the other day someone sent a link to some Halloween origami sites, and Katie thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Origami pumpkins?! Origami bats?! Origami witches hats?! Does life get any better when you're 6, and a FDPG*?

(* Fairy-Diva-Pony-Girl)


CresceNet said...
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sheila said...

To anyone in Brasil (or anywhere else, for that matter) who hopes to get money from the person who writes this blog:

Please stop. It's irritating. And I don't give $ to people who irritate me.

Try a bank.

Super-Happy-Girl said...

Hi Sheila!
Tell Katie to try this: Colour a picture on the paper, and then fold it! And what about Christmas ornaments???? You'll have paper up to your ears soon.

homeschooljourney said...

What wonderful artists you have! I have a copy of "The Ultimate Papercraft and Origami Book" free to a good home. Interested?

sheila said...

Oh, yes please. I'm sure Katie would be delighted to have a new book to check out! She's almost exhausted Steve & Megumi Biddle's Origami For Children (well, ALMOST, some of it is too complex for her).

Wendy said...

Hi Sheila!

I'm new to Self Design, and was checking out people's blogs (I keep thinking I might do one...)
Anyway...don't knock the inflatable origami!!! They're my favourites!!!

Keep trying.

Wendy ( to Brendan, Liam, Dillon (SDers) and Ryan (not yet) )

sheila said...

Hiya Wendy,

I know what you mean - I find them easily the most impressive thing yet.

Welcome to SD, if you're new, that is. I have three kids in it this year!

cheerio / sheila