Saturday, November 1, 2008

The New Face of Dr Who?

I know I will just have to get over my current mad passionate love admiration of David Tennant, and I will, because I got over my, err, well, you know, my admiration for Christopher Eccleston, who was the Doctor before DT, and at the time I was quite sure I wouldn't.

But I did.

I cried at the end, when he looked at Rose and said, right before he changed, "We were brilliant!" Or something to that effect, I was so busy sobbing on Max's shoulder that I could hardly hear. Max was so busy sobbing himself that he didn't hear either. And yes, it WAS that emotional. Losing the Doctor is an emotional experience.

Here's a total cheese clip that you MUST promise me you'll watch with the sound off but it has the best shots of Christopher Eccleston. I'd forgotten how perfectly charming he was. See - I was lulled by the charmingness of David Tennant. I forgot all about Christopher Eccleston. Richard might think DT a little frenetic but I think he's lovely. What Richard doesn't realize is that he's almost as frenetic, and skinny, and crazy. Almost.

So you see, we do get over old loves. Might take some time. We just need a little distraction sometimes. Is the fellow above going to be mine?


Nicola said...

Woah, Dr Who has certainly got more interesting since I was a kid! What HAVE I been missing?!?

sheila said...

Nicola, my dear, you have NO idea! It's the stuff of dreams!

Suji said...

Sheila! I was close to sobbing too! I'm a recent Dr Who convert and now DT is leaving...(sob, wail, banging doors). I need to go blow my nose.

sheila said...

I think this is why I love British shows so much - they always know when to leave you hanging! Makes you love them all the more when there's that possibility that they might not be there EVER AGAIN. Sob.

It's a great show, though, isn't it? So campy.