Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why I Love My Bathroom

I love this mirror frame. I love the Christmas decoration hanging on it. I love the colour of the wall. I love the tiles on the floor. I love the taps on the sink. I love standing in the shower and looking out the window across the valley while hot water pours over my head. I love that hummingbirds buzz the window while I'm in the shower, on their way to the feeder. I love watching the baby birds sit on the arbor, fed gently by their parents. I love hearing the Stellar's Jays shriek in the trees in the morning while I'm washing my face. I love watching bike lights glint in the dark as they wobble along the bike path across the valley in the dark morning. I love watching the rain drip onto the trellis of the garden.

I love this bathroom. It's one of the nicest rooms in this house.

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