Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

This was what I saw this morning, as I shuffled into the kitchen to see if our morning latté was ready (yes, I admit it, I am a Coffee Snob - no drip for me). It was, so I picked my mug up, cradled that lovely fragrant warmth (ooh, a cute little swirl in the foam) and opened the Dutch door to see the morning. Habits. 

We live on a very open, south-facing hill, and the view is generally pretty spectacular: clouds, mountains, birds, stars. It's a Big Sky view (makes me want to burst into Kate Bush sometimes). And this morning was no exception. It was only this colour for a brief moment or two, during which I, with my handy dandy camera, inhaled that purple gorgeousness as deeply as possible.


Andrea said...

that is an absolutely gorgeous view... what all those non-morning people miss out on!.... well, now they can see it on your blog!

sherhyka said...

That's gorgeous. And there's nothing like a morning latte. What a combination to wake up to.

sheila said...

And don't forget, you two, next time you're in my neck of the woods, you're more than welcome to drop by for a similar experience! When you can tear yourselves away from all that sun and fruit!