Tuesday, June 8, 2010

But Wait! There's More!

We've been watching this series on DVD, which is easier on the eye, but thanks to the wonders of YouTube YouToo can watch them. Click on these links and you'll find more.

Try this Emperometer. It's brilliant. A mini history of Rome in under 2 minutes.

Viking Poetry. Or this soft rock classic from that crazy quartet: The Vicious Vikings.

This segment of the show is our particular favourite. Watch that skeleton dance!

Then there's the Shouty Man. I tried to find Inca Child but this one is almost as funny.


Suji said...

Oooh meee can't wait to check them out theees eeeeevening. Don't ask meee why meee speeeeaaaking so queeeerly.

Feeels like I neeed a breaaaak.

Suji said...

Ooops, sorry about that Sheila. I think that was my split personality commenting earlier. It's been a crazy few days here :) I've decided to do everything I've NOT been doing, including letting my loony side take over. :) Kiddo was just asking if we could watch a video later today and I know what we're going to be watching on YouTube now apart from Rugrats Season 2 :) Thanks a bunch!

sheila said...

You know, for a second I thought it might have been your boy, commenting happily and crazily on his own. I've seen a few posts from bloggers who left themselves logged in with toddlers around.

Suji, I LOVE your crazy side. They are lovely and fun and make me feel less flaky.

PS: you will LOVE these. They are hilarious. We're all very amused with Shouty Man.

Rebecca said...

Okay, you... where on earth did you find these on DVD? We must have them. We must.