Monday, June 28, 2010

A Fit of Strawberries

Richard helped me pick strawberries yesterday. We filled these bowls and finally gave up, leaving the rest for another day. In the spring my thoughts were along the lines of "Because I didn't thin out the plants this year's harvest is going to be pretty skimpy" and though I duly kelped and fish emulsioned the strawberry bed I didn't hold much hope that they'd prove me wrong.

But they did. We are swimming, albeit thickly and rather awkwardly (hard to swim in a sea of strawberries), in them. Those two larger bowls are 16" in diameter if that helps you imagine the size of this haul.

Strawberry tea, anyone?
FDPG after she saw the bowls of strawberries. In a dead faint on the floor. She's nothing if not dramatic, our FDPG.


Anonymous said...

Trade ya for cherries? I'm the only one in my house who eats the cherries (except for all the birds, of course) so I doubt if I'll have help picking the darned things. Eating tonnes of strawberries would be no trouble around here.

sheila said...

Oh I wish! We'd LOVE cherries around here.

Anonymous said...

All the berries come and go so fast! The fresh strawberries (which we had to go get from PYO farms) have been over for only a few weeks, but I already have nostalgia. Jealous.

Rebecca said...

Love the new template! It's gorgeous.

skyhysi: All his good intentions were blown sky-hy... si?