Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look Who's Reading!

Horrid Henry. Of all the unlikely people to pick up a book. At least, that was the initial reaction from all three of my kids, all of whom are fervent Horrid Henry fans. "He never reads!" shouted Dominic gleefully. "Only comic books!" giggled FDPG. "I don't think he'd ever read willingly," said Max, rather ruefully, from the depths of his Write With The Best assignment.

But Henry likes Marmite. Or rather, Marmite likes him. They know a good advertising campaign when they see one, which is why they have the Marmite is Horrid (for Henry fans) and Marmite is Perfect (in case you swing with Perfect Peter) jars for sale at the moment. Go here, then click on your preference. Just for fun, go back and click on the other choice too; we found recipes for Battered Bogey Baps rather intriguing, even though we all LOVE Marmite here.
And at the back of each jar, you'll find a link to a free Horrid Henry audio download.

Look! There's Henry, reading reluctantly. Ruefully. Resentfully. Recalcitrantly. Resistingly. Reservedly.

All thanks to Marmite.


Rebecca said...

It's a miracle food!!!

(Is it food? Really?)

[W]ine amal (and the night visitors?),


sheila said...

GASP! Don't you eat Marmite? You heathen, you!

Well, it's something you eat, so technically it's a food. But it doesn't actually look like food, more like thick dark brown treacle. We eat it on toast.

Ooh, like that word. I will write that one down for future reference.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Marmite before. Must be one of those Island things. Is it like that chocolate/nutty stuff?


Rebecca said...

Marmite is a salty, yeasty Australian atrocity. Oh, wait, that's vegemite.

Same thing. Oh, wait. Maybe not.

Either way. Blergy.

Nothing to do with this here island.


sheila said...

I'm with you on the atrociousness of Vegemite, but Marmite is a thing of beauty. Pure poetry on hot buttered toast. It's also very British. I might have to post a photo of my spice cupboard, because it is composed entirely of Marmite jars, we eat so much of the stuff.