Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Odds & Ends

Heard in the house on the weekend:

"We learn a lot of stuff on The Simpsons." (spoken by one of the kids; suddenly I feel uneasy)

"Why is the smoke coming out of his chimney green & blue? And why does it smell so bad?" (spoken by another one of the kids; I forget what the kids might be learning from Homer and worry about this instead)

"I painted that? That's really nice!" (spoken by one of the kids - the one who forgets easily, obviously; I am too busy rolling my eyes to worry about this)

Interesting article by the indefatigable Stanley Fish. Reiterates why we do what we do in our homeschool world.

New additions:

Gladiators in Britain?

For those of us on the Wobbly West Coast, a little something to make you even more uneasy about The Big One.

Great gardening listening. You can podcast this as well.


Suji said...

Heard in our house this morning:
"Mom, one bread feel to the floor, can YOU eat it?"


sheila said...

HA! Nice one. Did you say "nice try?"

Max won't eat anything that falls on the floor and once I asked him why. His response was "our floor is filthy!" What a little charmer.