Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Year in the Life

(Alternate Title: Happy Birthday to Me)

That's right, folks, it's my birthday today, and as with almost all of my birthdays I tend to do the inevitable and reflect a little on the current direction (or lack thereof) of My Life So Far. Today, with yet another notch in my little wooden Sheila's Age stick (no, I don't really have one), I woke up and immediately started thinking about how different my life is now from what I thought it would be like when I was in my (excessively) carefree twenties.

I didn't think I'd have kids, for one. Or even like having kids! (ask my mum)

I didn't think I'd be homeschooling said kids. (confession: I am a former Homeschooler Mocker...there, I've said it)

Didn't think I'd be teaching my eldest Latin, and enjoying it (also didn't think I'd ever have a bumper sticker that said "Sona si latine loqueris").

Didn't think I'd be researching the relative merits of programs like Growing With Grammar or Student Intensive Writing in my spare time. Or, gasp, thinking about spelling programs for someone whose spelling is, as they say ever so politely, slightly challenged.

Didn't think I'd have a pencil sharpener screwed into a perfectly good table EVER.

Didn't think I'd spend quite so much time in the public library.

Didn't think I'd ever take a picture of a cheesie just because it looks uncannily like a J. (or, even weirder, have a series of weird cheesie pictures - FDPG's cherished collection I should add)

Didn't think I'd ever organize a chemistry class for 9 year old boys and really look forward to it (my grade 11 science teacher would be rolling happily in his grave if he knew his most pathetic student now loves science).

Didn't think I'd ever teach my kids how to make toothpaste, just for fun (see above).

Have to say, even though I never envisaged this sort of life, back when I was a skinny, globe travelling, backpacking, forever single, hot-spring enthusiast, I'm actually enjoying it. Just goes to show you, sometimes the things you think so terrible could be a good thing (in the words of my friend Martha). Or at least life altering.


Sandylein said...

Oh, Sheila, a very Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you had a fantastic day. Did you bake a cake?

None of us had this in mind, did we? I'm a science dropout, but I'm teaching a class in Optics to 4 teen girls for the next 5 Thursdays. I can hardly believe I'm doing it. Tomorrow.


Becky said...

Happy belated birthday from Alberta!