Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Today I woke up and contemplated the mess that is my house. The piles of laundry that needed doing. The messy kitchen floor. The piles of crumbs, nay, mountains of crumbs, under the dining table. I even caught an odour of Henry the Pig From Guinea's cage, and let me tell you, it was not a particularly pleasant smell. Then some insane compulsion compelled me to open the dryer and what should I find there but a long forgotten pile of half-dried laundry. The whereabouts of Dominic's many many pairs of up-till-then-missing underwear were no longer a complete and utter mystery to me. I could see them, deep in the the dryer's depths, lying damply and rather, err, fragrantly (note to self: don't leave half dried laundry for more than 4 days). It was a depressing sight and it was only 7am. What could be next, I wondered, cat poo under the bed? A crust of unidentifiable guk in my coffee cup? Or worse: no milk for my morning latté? To be honest, that was the scariest of propositions, because I am a slave to my morning coffee. And I freely admit it. I'm even proud of it, so there.

Since Richard (aka The Tidy One) had already departed for his hunter/gatherer grounds, I felt free to photograph the laundry pile, but I can't quite bring myself to add it to this post. It's evidence. And when one is married to a Tidy Person, that's about all one needs, and I am not the most thick-skinned of people.

Never mind, I can wait until Richard comes back from his slog of a day. I'm sure he'll clean up a bit.


Sandylein said...

This is the order of my priorities: #1 Coffee - that's obvious. #2 Exercise - in this climate one MUST stave off depression. I used to be sloppy at this, but it works so well for both me and Pan-pan, so we never miss it. #3 Food - just something to fill the tummy. #4 Clean clothes, but never ironed. #5 School because I love it. #6 Housework, always at the end of the list. Don't vacuum until the carpets are crunchy, I say. It's important to set priorities, right?

sheila said...

Don't vacuum until the carpets are crunchy! Ha, I like this. My Martha complex might hamper me a bit, though. I can see that you are quite comfortable with your priorities - can I learn from you, O Wise One?

Let's clink our coffee mugs on that, Sandylein.