Monday, November 19, 2007

Bird Cafe

This morning, although I was sadly unable to capture a picture of it, this particular feeder had 3 flickers, 12 sparrows, 2 juncos, and 6 chickadees thronging round it. I felt as though I was in the presence of shoppers at a post-Thanksgiving sale at Target: there was flurry, there was bustle, there was even a little shoving going on. A bit too Darwinian for me, to be honest. I was tempted to Get Involved but I've watched enough Star Trek to know that one must obey the Prime Directive even if one doesn't want to.

All this action might be because I offer a tempting array of nuts, grains, and seeds; it might also be because I keep it away from Toffee the Eater of Spiders and All Things Moving. Whatever it is, I take some satisfaction in knowing that I have an alternate career out there...given that there is such a thing as a bird feeder barista.

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