Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Did That Happen?

Look at last week's bleak midwinter picture out my kitchen window (hum a little Rossetti to get you in the mood). It was so very cold. The water in the bird baths was just like a stone: hard cold and unyielding to any beak that might befall it. And just look at that sad sad kale. It's cold, even wrapped in its fleecy blanket of reemay.

I feel somewhat concerned for the bird population in this weather. Those little bushtits are, well, little. Last year we found a few old sparrows in the snow, spent from age and cold, and it was rather a depressing experience. When the cold winds hit this year I spent some time layering fir boughs and straw, under the deck furniture, for them to shelter in at night. Then I made a few batches of home-made suet and hung extra cages on the deck. Now we have bushtits, nuthatches, towhees, juncos, and other little winged ephemera morning and afternoon, clustering on the feeders.

But now the snow has gone and we're back to balmy wet weather. I'm out of the snow boots and into the gum boots, which are, inexplicably, much warmer.

And look - I step away from the computer for one second and the computer monkeys are up to no good:

my son max is amazing

I did not write that. I'll give you one guess who did...

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