Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Which We All Notice The Sunrise

The sunrise was so beautiful we all noticed it at once. This, despite what you might think, is quite surprising given that we all have such different focuses in the morning.

One of us was busy getting ready for work, making his lunch, brushing his teeth, getting his watch and wallet ready. He noticed it out the bathroom window.
One of us was still lying in bed, groggy, feeling ever-so-slightly sorry for his hard scrabble life of having to get up before his internal time clock says he should. (a tragedy we note daily) He noticed it out of his bedroom window, which faces south east.
Two of us were just coming in the door at this time, having been outside watching the sunrise unfold. Today we were muffled up against the cold and watching for errant owls.
Finally, one of us was perched against the back door, bunny in arms, showing bunny the sunrise. As if bunnies didn't know such things existed.

"Mum! Get your camera!" she shouted, "you'll LOVE this sunrise!"

And I did.

These two photos were taken 7 seconds apart.
Good morning, where ever you are!

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