Saturday, January 14, 2012

In Which I Achieve A Goal Of Sorts

We saw each other across a crowded room. There was a ray of sunshine glancing across the room, and it ended where the object of my desire was situated, against the wall. A Sign, I thought. It was, I knew, meant to be. We regarded each other carefully for a few moments: me, composing myself for what would be a Total Bodily Fling Across The Room; the object of my desire merely waiting, patiently. Objects of Desire like to do that.

Then we met. I fondled. I stroked. I even petted a bit (smooth! sleek!). A woman sidled up and looked at us over my shoulder. "They'll last you a lifetime AND they're 40% off," she murmured. She knew a schmuck with a weak wallet when she saw one.

That was all I needed. Throwing caution fate and Richard's reaction to the wind, I made my decision. "I'll get them!" I said, "I've always wanted a pair!"

And so it was that I became the owner of a pair of Felco pruners.

How this glorious love affair came about:

The garden centre near me is closing up shop and moving to a new location. As is usual with these places, they are selling off everything in the store at a fairly steep discount. I managed to ignore the barrage of email reminders for about three weeks. Until this morning, when I received another email: "There's a great selection of quality long-handled tools at prices you won't see for the rest of the season" it said. Tools? That gave me pause. I love tools. And I love gardening tools best of all. So I made myself go. I got into the car and drove and parked and walked INto the shop. I had a mission - they had a sale. We were, if I say so myself, a match made in heaven.

I wasn't going to go at all, because one of my New Years resolutions is to work on paying off our mortgage before I am 80, but then I thought "I might be able to get a serious deal and then I would actually be SAVING, wouldn't I?"

(I'm nothing if not shrewd about my rationalizations)

And then I saw them: the Felco pruners. A much depleted row of them, but there was one that fit my hand.

So I bought them. I couldn't not, right? Who turns down the chance to buy the stuff of which pruning dreams are made?

Not I.

I bought some other things, too, but those pruners? Expect lots of gratuitous pruning shots in the next few weeks, as we get to know each other.


Samantha said...

Gorgeous pruners!
Not only did you totally save money, but good tools are a great investment that will last a lifetime. They will make pruning easier (and more enjoyable), and will likely do a better job than your last pruners, leaving you with plants that are happier (and that produce way more fruit).
It would have been a mistake not to buy them.

(if you ever need any help rationalizing something, let me know, ha ha!)

sheila said...


I'm breathless—

You're even better at this stuff than I am. I bow to your expertise, oh Master.

Now I'm going to memorize that and recite it to the kids when they moan about me buying tools but not buying them pop and chips when we're at the grocery store! AMMO!

Samantha said...

Why thank you! Thank you!!

By the way, pop and chips are NOT a good investment. Fast-releasing sugar and carbs are gone way too quickly. Instead, suggest vegetables and whole grains - slow-releasing = better investment.

(Your kids are going to love me!)

sheila said...

LOL, yes, they sure are going to "love" you. I'd be willing to be they'll "love" you rather more than you'd like. I do, however, think it's an excellent response.

My usual refrain is "You'll be one big zit if I buy that crap. You should thank me for sparing you such a terrible fate." Of course I get no thanks for such a selfless noble deed...