Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Hope It's Just A Temporary Glitch

Were you watching Saturday Night Live this past weekend? I was, but only because Daniel Radcliffe was hosting. I like him - he's equal parts humble and self-consciously witty. You don't see that often in an actor.

Here's a skit that encapsulates what I find unsettling in some of the twenty somethings I know: certain relatives I have, kids we run into, my clueless neighbours. They have this cheery obliviousness to anything that doesn't involve either themselves or their electronic gadgets. They spend hours posting tweets about what they just ate, where they just spent some money (usually obtained from indulgent parents), or what they're thinking about doing that evening. It's all so weirdly shallow coming from an age group that shouldn't be — still — so weirdly shallow.

Plus, it's a funny skit.

(check out this Extras cameo to see more Daniel Radcliffe)

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Thanks!