Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions:

1) To keep my side of the bedroom clean(er). This resolution came about after I overheard the twins comparing my room with FDPG's room.

"My room is nowhere near as messy as Mum's!" (FDPG, indignant)
"It is too. You and Mum pile stuff everywhere and you each have clothes all over the place. It's sort of gross. If it weren't for Dad's side of the room, Mum's room would be a MESS. I can hardly walk around on her side of the room." (Dominic, sounding revolted)
"Oh, you can say THAT again. Have you seen those magazine piles? Yuck." (FDPG, eye-rolling sounds in her voice)

2) To keep up my morning and afternoon walking regime. Even when it's raining cats and dogs out. Even when it's pre-dawn dark and wet and cold out. Blech. Sounds awful, put that way. Must find a more pleasant way to look at the pre-dawn dark and wet and cold...

3) To stop incurring library fines. The librarians all laugh and rub their hands with glee when I walk in, in ALL the branches. I've resorted to taping nice notes on my overdue books before I pop them into the slots, because it's the only way I can beg for clemency without having to endure their eye-rolling and arched eyebrows. Sigh.

FDPG's resolution:

To keep her room tidier. If she can do this for 60 days I have agreed to present her with a large bar of chocolate, because there's nothing FDPG loves more than chocolate. But her room is a poster child for the HGTV reality television show: Pigsties!

Dominic's resolution:

"Why do I have to make a resolution? I don't have anything I need to change about myself. I'm perfect as I am. Well, I suppose I could resolve to play more with LEGO. Or eat more candy. Or do less work around the house - what do you mean, I hardly do any house work as it is? I do plenty. (Ed's note: he does not) No, YOU should make some resolutions, Mum, especially your room. Have you seen MY room lately? Pretty clean eh? Maybe you could...hey, wait, why are you pushing me out of the room? Oi!"

Max's Resolution:

To be super logical (because he is often accused of being wildly crazily illogical).
Sounds like a super hero in the making, don't you think?

Hello, puny humans, I am SuperLogical Man!

We'll see how that one goes.


Andrea said...

Oh Sheila, I love your blog! Thanks for the morning chuckle. You really should write a book. I'd like to read it!

Heather said...

Happy New Year, Shelia. I think I've just the thing for helping you find a new way to look at your dark, wet and cold walk - just put on a hat and your cloak (if you don't have a cloak I suppose you could make do with a long woolen coat and trailing scarf) and imagine yourself walking along the moors Bronte sisters style.

Mrs. Deeply Suburban said...

Happy New Year, Greenridge Chronicles Family! At Deeply Suburban, we have library cards at two city libraries, and oh, the trouble I got into! Finally, I decided that we would go to our local library on Saturdays only and the neighbouring city library on Sundays only. That way I only had to check each account one day a week. Cut those fines right down. Didn't eliminate them completely, of course. And it helps that the local library lets you renew up to 100 times. Yeah, it's not a great selection (hence the extra library), but you can have a book out for 300 weeks! Or many! Ha!