Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sturnidus vulgaris David Tennantius

This morning I made a remark about starlings, a bird we have here on the West Coast in PLENTY. A bird I harbor much ill will towards. A bird I would prefer to banish from my feeders. Charming commenter Samantha remarked upon my post. What follows is our conversation further to this subject.

(Charming Commenter Samantha) No idea what a starling is.

(Sheila) Wait, you have NO idea at all what a starling is? Let me enlighten you: horrible piggy birds that eat everything and anything in one fell swoop. They travel in packs of a zillion. They intimidate other birds and shove them off the feeder, then swagger on and gulp it all down. They probably even laugh like Nelson whilst doing so (HAW HAW). They are the bully boys of the bird world.

This is a starling: note the puffed out "I'm so cool and speckly and you're not, har har har" stance.

(CCS) Well, I know it's some kind of a bird but it could land on my finger and sing me a little tune and ... then it would turn into DT (Doctor Who lingo for David Tennant) and I would totally not care about what kind of a bird it was, I would be more concerned about the man balancing on my finger singing. But since it's DT, I could totally handle it.

(S) You're right - if it were to turn into David Tennant I would probably revise my strategy towards starlings. Completely. I'd probably feed them and encourage them and sit out all night, waiting for them to come to the feeders in the morning. I might even shoo away the chickadees and the bushtits and the nuthatches and the pileated woodpeckers and the downy woodpeckers.

Yes, I suppose there really ARE two sides to every story...

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Samantha said...

Well, hello there pretty bird... Aren't you both fabulous and frightening...

Sheila, dear Sheila. Not quite what I had in mind. My Doctor is wearing a suit with a trench coat, and not (shudder) feathers. Plus, I prefer my men a little taller. Very creative bit of photo editing though. I am truly impressed. And laughing very hard, yet trying to be quiet as to not disturb my sleeping family.

p.s. I just re-watched the first DT episode where he is still wearing CE Doctor outfit and it didn't look right at all. He definitely rocked that blue suit and trench coat.

p.s.s. But bow ties are cool.

p.s.s.s. Charming? Me? Love it!