Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year News

I am happy to report that my side of the bedroom remains clear and uncluttered. As for FDPG's bedroom, well, let's just say I'm not buying any giant chocolate bars any time soon.

What about SuperLogic Man? Well, we'll say he's working on that one...

And looky here at what I've managed to do: it's called a Foil The Starlings feeder. An ice cream tub, upside down, with a metal suet feeder jammed inside. I've wired the metal feeder so it can be pulled out for refilling, but otherwise it seems to have genuinely foiled the starlings.

If you like and feed starlings or simply want me to feel a modicum of compassion for them I will preempt you and say you're wasting your breath. I don't like starlings and even if one rescued me from a burning building I'd still find them objectionable.

Piggy bullies, that's what I think about starlings.

(Gosh, Sheila, don't hold back or anything.)

I won't.

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Samantha said...

What if a starling rescued you from a burning building, and then cleaned your whole house, from top to bottom? And then what if that starling cooked you an amazing dinner AND did the dishes? And then massaged your feet as you watched your favourite movies? Would you still find them objectionable?

p.s. No idea what a starling is. Well, I know it's some kind of a bird but it could land on my finger and sing me a little tune and I would say "Hey, it's a bird!", not "Hey, it's a starling!" But then it would turn into DT and I would totally not care about what kind of a bird it was, I would be more concerned about the man balancing on my finger singing. But since it's DT, I could totally handle it.