Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Approaches...

And the denizens of this house are gearing up for That Time Of Year: the time when little people roam the streets and knock on doors and shout TRICK OR TREAT! I say little people because, for the first time since he was 10 months old, Max is not going out trick or treating. He's not a little people any more.

It struck me today that this should give me pause for nostalgia or sentiment - that I should be trolling through photos of every Halloween costume I ever made him, feeling sorrowful. But I'm not - which kind of perplexes me. I mean, heck, I cry at Superbowl commercials. And no, I am NOT going to provide links, although I will say that these commercials usually involve impeccably groomed Clydesdales and beer.

This lack of emotion might be, of course, because I am still deep in the clutches of Halloween Costume Making Frenzy. There are other little people in this house who ARE going out inflagrandus costumatus. And, me being the Martha Stewart aficionado that I am, those costumes aren't making themselves just by me lookin' at 'em.

Of course, it might be all the Halloween candy I am test-tasting.

Hic. Up. Hic. Up. Hic. Up.

Mmmm, caaaaandy.
(do I sound like Homer yet? By the way, did you know that the Simpsons have a lipdub?)

Anyhow, getting back to making ourselves look weird and unusual for one single solitary evening Halloween: one of us is going as Lucius Malfoy. I won't tell you who, but I will say this: she's her mother's daughter. We both have a crush on ole Lucius. It's that white wig and those tensely clipped syllables, methinks. Does it to us every time. We even have a white wig for Little Lucius to wear, along with a black cape and a wand, although the paper wand I made her for her birthday a couple of years back is now a bent paper wand, sadly. Here's the new and Lucius-licious version:

This is a twig inserted into a piece of broom handle. I feel rather pleased with myself because I drilled that hole with my own two hands. I was standing there looking at that twig, thinking "Hmm, this twig is kind of scrawny - it needs a sturdy handle or something..." then, when I backed away to contemplate the twig a bit more deeply, I tripped over this lacking-a-broom-head broom handle. FDPG picked it up and looked at me worriedly, and my first thought was "You bad broom handle, I'll show you!" I cut off its head then and there. So there.

Now it's resting after its wood glue labours. Then I plan to add some silver metallic paint. FDPG thinks Lucius is a silver guy, as opposed to gold metallic paint. I think she's right.

Here is the Lucius Mask, almost come to life. FDPG was impressively composed, I have to say. She lay there, listening to Odd and the Frost Giants, while I dripped all over her eyes and ears.

The other one of us is going to be a LEGO brick for Halloween. A yellow brick, because this one of us does every single thing in yellow. Every. Single. Thing.

Here is a box, a box from the LEGO store coincidentally, that one of us hid under under our bed about 10 months ago. Some of us are very attached to our LEGO boxes, evidently.

We added some paper cups and sprayed it with yellow paint, and now here it stands, almost done with its transformation from LEGO box to LEGO brick. Those yellow ropes are going to go over the shoulders and one of us is going to dress entirely in black so only the brick shows up.

Oh, and before I forget, here's who we'll be remembering this coming Day of the Dead. Who's to say he didn't see it coming?


Anonymous said...

Ah! My duo is also going Lego for Halloween! One is going to be a brick (red) and the other's going to be a minifig. Your costume looks WAY better than mine. But I also made a vow to never again encase my kids in boxes on Halloween, so that limited my options.

sheila said...

What is it with the LEGO? This box is pretty small - it reaches down from his chest to the top of where a trouser belt would go. It was one of the easiest costumes I've ever made, thank goodness. Now I'm going to cross my fingers that it doesn't rain...