Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween Vignette: In Six Parts

"Hello earthlings. My name is Storm Trooper Al. I do not come in peace. I come to overthrow your pathetic little world. It is far too peaceful here and there is an evil dictator over on Rigel 5 who needs to leave in a hurry. Prepare yourselves."
(heavy metallic breathing, as if through a big white heavy plastic helmet)

"Not good, this is. Small and puny I might be, but strong in the Force I am. Pulverize you, I will. Go, you must, or die."

"Serious backup, he has!"

(much weird high-pitched giggling - think goblins on helium)

"This story is too scary! Leaving, we are!

Oops, sorry, that Yoda-speak is catching.

We're out of here!"

Wait! Was that what I think it was? Were those cookies talking? No, of course they weren't. Everyone knows that cookies can't talk.

(cue ominous music)

"Mmmm, good, this Storm Trooper is. Crunchy they are, when to the Dark Side they go."


Suji said...

How horrid it is that so far from you I live...sigh. Hey, diagramming Yoda-speak has anyone ever tried?

sheila said...

Ha! Confusing that might be. Like German, that might be? Try, you should, so laughing your friends could be.

Samantha said...

LOVE the Yoga faces! Too cute! And the Storm Trooper is very impressive as well. Sadly I am still without Star Wars cookie cutters so I must live vicariously through you and your wonderful photos.

sheila said...

Samantha darling, I love the yoga faces too. I think they're deplorable, I mean, adorable! LOL

Alex said...

great looking cookies!

about your question for the paint, we love that green..we have an orange colour in our entrance and both look great. the green looks different depending on the time of the day. if you look at my photos in that post, the one where my kids are sitting at the desk and the one where my little one is pulling the suitcase, it's the same paint, but looks much different. I am pretty sure I kept the actual paint name and number if you need it ;)
you can see some of each paint colour in this post:
sorry for the long answer! let me know if you have more questions!