Friday, October 1, 2010

In Which Sheila Discovers The LipDub

Do you know what these are? Until yesterday I had been blissfully unaware of them. Then Richard came home, picked up the newspaper, and said "Oh look, I heard about them filming this. You should have gone up with the kids. I bet FDPG would have killed to be in this one."

I peered over his shoulder at the article. It seemed mildly, chaotically, amusingly...odd.

So off we went to that bastion of visual excess: YouTube. And I discovered that thing known as the LipDub. The one that was filmed here isn't ready or up yet, but we found a couple of addictive examples that I'm going to link here, just because they are so light-hearted and fun. And seeing as how it's Friday I think we all need a frivolous treat. No?

First, the one in Spain. The song they use in this one is a song that used to really grate on me; after seeing this I feel exceedingly charitable towards it. Besides, this is such a charming and happy lipdub.

Living La Vida Sorbona. This one reminds me of a cross between the Killers (video) Mr Brightside, and Pet Shop Boys Being Boring, with all that baroque fancy dress, and languid nostalgia. Tres cool.

This one is filmed in a mall, and the lighting as a result totally rocks (a definite issue in most of these things).

I was quite struck by the difference between American girl behaviour and European girl behaviour. Tell me if you notice it too.

Happy Friday!

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