Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEWS FLASH! Lucius Malfoy Attacks LEGO Brick!

Here lies Voldemort.

He's plotting his comeback, but it's taking time. Fortunately Voldemort is a patient guy. Good thing, too - last I heard all his horcruxes were toast.

He doesn't like that little pumpkin sitting on his tomb. Kind of takes away some of his gravitas.

And what with Voldemort otherwise occupied, Lucius Malfoy is back to his old tricks: taking out his frustration and irritation at not being Top Bad Boy by attacking random LEGO bricks.
Give me all your Star Trek LEGO, you ridiculous little brick, or I'll slash off your protrusions with a Sectum Sempra spell!


Kim said...

Wait - they make Star Trek lego???

Great photos!

sheila said...

What am I doing, talking about Star Trek LEGO. There is no such thing, unless we count the girdle on FDPG's medieval lady (which William Shatner wore on ST). Gosh, and I can't even blame it on alcohol or anything. Sigh. Being blonde has its downsides.

blush blush. twirl twirl.

Samantha said...

Love the expressions on her face!! Future actress??

Your house looks great by the way. Very halloweeny.