Thursday, October 28, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Laundry Day At Greenridge Chronicles...

Me: "Max, what's this? How long did you wear this t-shirt?"

Max: "A day."

Me: "ONE DAY? Why is it in the wash?"

Max: "Because it smells."

Me: (inward sigh at the finickiness of kids) "Of course it does..."


Samantha said...

Too funny!

My son isn't a teen quite yet, but his clothes go from his body straight to the laundry hamper. There is no way the shirt is dirty, so I think it's because it's easier then hanging it up.

Hmm, I remember when I was a teen and I would only use a towel once. My poor mother probably did a lot of towel laundry during my teen years... (maybe this is my payback??)

sheila said...

Don't tell Max I do this, but often I hang them back up when he's not looking. There is no way I am going to wash clean clothes. I am far too lazy.

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sheila said...

irslan2u: You have odd mind but this time okay your post I will. Next time you not be so lucky. Me not like links.