Thursday, October 21, 2010

Those Happy Golden Klimt Girls

Just before our school year started, when I was still wandering the internet pondering direction and inspiration and motivation and all those other daunting intangibles many of us homeschooling parents dither about, I saw this post over at La Paz Home Learning. Right before my eyes was a Klimt girl taking life on the page. I'd forgotten in the heat of the summer and the greenness of the garden just how luminous and golden those Klimt girls were.

I even recognized the origami paper - FDPG has some of that very same origami paper.

Then I clicked the link that accompanied that post and saw more Klimt girls. It was wildly inventive and even more inspiring. I bookmarked both pages and made a mental note to come back one day, kids in tow.
I don't know about you but I like Klimt girls. Klimt liked women and it shows. They always remind me of earthbound angels, glowing with the love of their (equally earthbound) creator.

I know, I know: gush gush gush. Klimt's work does that to me.

Fast forward a month or two...

Today we started our own Klimt project. We used card stock, origami paper, Ferraro Rocher papers, paint, and dollar store gems. Tomorrow they'll be mounted on large pieces of watercolour paper, washed with gold and yellow and green. They aren't quite as elegant but some of us sure were thrilled with ourselves...

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Theresa said...

Those are wonderful!!!!! I love the use of the Ferraro Rocher papers! Very clever!