Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Projects

We're smack dab in the early middle ages right now - monks and illuminated letters and gold leaf. So it follows that we would make bookmarks with illuminated letters on them, doesn't it? When we've added the gold leaf I might laminate them to keep the colours from getting smeared. Or give them a little spray with some urethane. Not sure yet.

The idea for these came from this website. They very handily include the alphabet letters for tracing. (and you thought we all had really amazing talents for making perfect letters, I bet, didn't you?)

And yes, there are only three bookmarks in this photo. Someone hadn't finished theirs yet...

We also cleaned out the basement today. Richard got to reclaim his workshop and I got to empty the fireplace flue. Gosh, what fun that was. I also got to hear about how much of a squirrel I am, which is always high on my list of fun weekend activities. But I had to admit it later, when we hauled out a bag of maps and guides from when we lived in California. Maps and guides from ten years ago. Sitting tidily in a little cardboard box. "Hey!" I said to Richard, "I saw a very cool room in a magazine the other day - they'd papered one wall with maps! We could do that with these maps!"

We both smiled at each other: him with the knowledge that I am a Squirrel In Denial; me with the knowledge that papering a room with old maps is such an excellent idea even he can't disagree.

Later, in the spirit of doing something with all my, err, squirrellings, I finally finished up a project I've been accumulating for for the past three years.

Look! An old fork. A piece of pottery - leeks. And a postcard.

All together on a piece of board I found at the beach.

So there you go - you never really know when you'll need some of that crap you've got sitting in the basement in boxes and bags and tins and things those interesting items you found in all those second hand stores you drag your children into.


Suji said...

OK granted you got the idea and alphabet template from somewhere...but what do you have to say for producing kids who can color within the lines eh? Seriously though, what a darn good idea! What do you plan to do with that fork+leeks on a board? Looks pretty...maybe a garden sculpture?

The extremely envious Suji

Michelle said...

Ooh, thanks for that link; we're doing middle ages, too. Your bookmarks look great. I'm a hoarder, er, squirrel, too. At least once a day I hear my husband say, "do we need this?" Lol. Why does he even bother to ask?

sheila said...

The forkleeks is hanging on the wall as we speak, Suji! I am so glad to finally get one of my pieces of wood out of the pile and onto the wall.

Do you colour with you son? I sit down with them and they see me colour in the It's also the sort of project that lends itself to looking composed and intricate, perhaps that helps too.

Michelle, why indeed does he bother to ask! I say the same thing to my husband. My other retort is "Just because you don't have the scope and imagination I do doesn't mean you can toss my crap, err, I mean, my treasures." That always silences him, although I think I heard him mutter "no use arguing with lunatics" under his breath. LOL