Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tagging Games

In which I am asked a number of questions for no particular reason, a pleasant game for those of us who are unrepentant nosy parkers.

There I was, minding everyone else's business, wondering what a pulled tea would be like over at Suji's blog, when I clicked over to Christina's Rockhound Place (because she started it all and I wondered what her favourite drink was) and noticed, much to my shock, that she'd included me in her list of Answer This! contestants.

(Unrepentant blog ogling is one thing; being the blog oglee is quite another)

The game has the following rules:

Answer five questions, then tag five other players with your own set of questions.

Okay, here goes. Can't promise I'll be ogle-worthy though.

1. What book from your childhood do you remember the most, and why?

I don't think I can remember ONE book the most, to be honest. I went through a lot of book adoration in my early teens: Farley Mowat's animal stories, Harriet the Spy, Lord of the Rings, Journey to the East, anything Daphne DuMaurier or Mary Stewart, Les Miserables (why I have no idea), a strange little book my friends and I used to amuse ourselves with by opening at random and trying to be the words for the rest of the day. I've mentioned this before, but I loved Harriet the Spy so much that I wanted to change my name to Harriet for a while in honour of her. Of course, I also went through a phase of wanting to eat my dinner in a bowl off the floor like our dog did but that's not quite so literary...

2. What type of music do you enjoy the most? Please include examples.

I quite like choral music but I am extremely picky about it. I also love Christmas music - I might even classify myself as a collector of Christmas music although I realize that in revealing this my edgy street cred is gone forever, sigh. Again, I am quite picky: no tacky orchestras and no 'swing cheese.' My friend Mrs Deeply Suburban gave me what is quite possibly my favourite Christmas CD: The Roches.

In the pop vein: the Cure (Friday I'm In Love remains the only song I've ever bought on iTunes), Pet Shop Boys, Crash Test Dummies, the Killers, Billy Bragg, and Ron Sexsmith.

And right now FDPG and I are caught up in the LipDub phenomenon. Here are our two faves. We have plans for a lipdub of our own, once we get past the copyrighted song dilemma.

3. What subject do you find most challenging (to teach or to learn)?

Ask me this when we get to calculus, but in general my homeschooling adage is: If I can't grasp it, I don't teach it. In terms of learning, well, I've had my struggles with organic fruit tree care - successful organic fruit tree care.

4. What is your favourite hot drink? Bonus points for including the recipe!

If I tell you what my current afternoon pick-me-up is you'll all feel ill, so I'm going to distract you all by adding that if I don't get a latté first thing the whole day loses it's balance. And don't be offering me that drip dreck that some pass off as coffee because I AM a snob. Here's my own personal recipe: take one Richard (not mine), add a well-used espresso machine, some coffee beans, an attractive mug and some 2% milk and you have yourself a lovely morning beverage.

5. About what new book, movie, or tv series do you want to let others know?

I'm going to go out on a completely different limb here and give you my latest revelation, one that only came to me after the warranty on my beloved Canon i450 expired: buying ink and refilling my colour ink cartridge.

Yes, laugh all you like but I've just discovered that I can buy jars of ink for the price of one new colour cartridge - and I can inject them into the cartridge myself for a fraction even of what it would cost to have someone else refill it. From the looks of it those jars will last me at least 3 years.

And so it is that I feel compelled to evangelize this to all and sundry (because, heck, this IS my meme) on the basis that if you're anything like me (and do buckets of colour printing), you could use a Cheap Printing Tip. All you need is a wee syringe and some tissues, and perhaps a rubber apron should a child burst in while you're injecting the ink and shout "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? IS THAT INK? OOPS SORRY WOW LOOK AT THE COLOUR OF THAT INK WILL IT COME OFF THE COUNTER? UH OH LOOK AT YOUR PANTS WHAT A MESS!"

All of a sudden the world has a new meaning to me. Cheap thrill girl, that's me.

Okay, moving right along. Here are my five taggees: Samantha, Heather, Sandylein, Michelle, and Subadra. I won't link you, in case memes are not your thing, but Inquiring Minds DO want to know...

1. What is your biggest time suck on the internet? We want links here, please.
2. Do you consider online shopping a blessing or a weird anti-social thing?
3. Do you get dressed upon rising in the morning, or do you stay in a dressing gown for a while?
4. What piece of parenting advice do you wish you'd been given before you had kids?
5. If you could have a habit of excess, which would you choose: shoes or hats? Again, we want examples. Links. Pictures, dammit.

Alright, all of you. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Michelle said...

Small blogging world. Suji tagged me, then I was going to tag you, and I think you've tagged me (unless you're referring to another Michelle.) I love memes, so I'll have a go with your questions, although I won't inflict, er tag anyone else.

sheila said...

Yep, that was you - I should have looked more closely at Suji's tag! Sorry!

Sravani said...

Hi Sheila,
I had not realized I was tagged too..Interesting game:)...I enjoyed reading your answers....Hmm..Will post about it sometime soon...But before that I need to read the posts of all who played so far, fun!

Suji said...

LOL, loved those answers Sheila. And also the way we're all tagging each other. I didn't want to victimize...errr, ooops, tag you twice since Christina had already tagged you Sheila and didn't tag Subadra either cos I wasn't sure how her schedule was these days since she's not in the country...but loookie here! Everyone I know and whose blogs I love got tagged anyway...small world indeed!

I'm a latte person too...but pulled tea is just too yummy not to share! And why can't we take your Richard hmmm?

Heather said...

Shelia, now I think we're all quite desperate to know just what your ill-inducing afternoon drink is?!?! I'm thinking it must be some foul smelling herbal concoction that would be worthy of Snape's store room?

Is it fair play to just answer your questions here?
1) My only internet time suck right now - MLS. And I will be ever so happy when I Never have to look at it again. Dare I admit that I also read each night?

2) I don't think I'm qualified to answer this, I've only ever shopped online at Lego and MEC for giftts.

3) Dressing gown?? Don't own one.

4) The same advice I give to any woman about to give birth - SLEEP now, while you can.

5) A habit of excess that doesn't involve chocolate? Methinks why bother? Wait, could they be straw gardening hats and Wellies? Because then I'd answer - Both!

Ooh, this IS fun, maybe I shouldn't be such a party pooper and not usually do these.