Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alexander the Great Rides Again!

Last week we read some stories about Alexander the Great. A lot of stories, in fact. I learned more about Alexander and his family and battles and tutors and habits and horses and weird behaviour than I ever thought possible. And afterwards, with an eye to getting the twins to do something creative-yet-thought-provoking-not-to-mention-vaguely-intellectual, I had them each pick something from the stories we'd read and do a little comic about it.

Dominic picked the story of how Alexander got his horse Bucephalus. I drew four panels and left him to draw his story out, then typed out the words for each story box. As you can see, Alexander tames the skittish Bucephalus when no one else can, and rides him off into the sunset, large bottom and all.
FDPG picked the story about the Gordian Knot, where Alexander the Hasty cuts a knot that needs untying, thereby ensuring that he will rule all of Asia (I had images of Wayne's World come into my head when she said this: "It WILL be mine! Oh yes...").

What I find so intriguing about these comics is how both of them have such prominent suns.

(By the way, if you click on the pictures you can see the captions)

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Fantastic comics!