Monday, February 2, 2009

Don't Forget To Floss

I am about to become a Zealot. A Tooth Zealot. I'm plotting many new posts reminding you all to floss and brush, as I obviously forgot to do all through my twenties, because now I am losing my teeth, one by one.

Okay, so I'm not losing ALL of them, just a few of them. And so what if I'm a little on the overly dramatic side. Where do you think FDPG gets it from, anyhow?

But I am losing teeth. 

I lost one 11 days ago. It broke. I went to see my dentist about it. And he, a very weird and extremely manic fellow, informed me cheerfully that it HAD to come out. It was unfixable. He saw another broken tooth and, with another, cheery smile, said "How bout I get this one at the same time? Oh come, on, please?" Then he chuckled at his evidently massive wit. If his fingers had been in my mouth I'd have bit him.

As it was, I declined politely. I can only take so much trauma in one day, I told him. He laughed delightedly, but I was perfectly serious. I don't do pain. At least, not very well. 

And now, here I am, 11 days later, still in pain from that stupid tooth removal. I've been to the dentist twice with emergency pain. I've eaten more Advil than I care to tell you about - and I hate taking anything that doesn't involve limes or ice and lots of tonic. I've not slept much either. I'm exceedingly irritable. 

Apparently I have developed...wait for it...Dry Socket. 

Sounds like something old ladies with osteoporosis get, doesn't it? Which makes it even more depressing. It's painful AND I feel old and dried out. Gosh, does the fun ever stop around here?

So, tell me something funny. Take my mind off my misery. And while you're at it, don't forget to floss! 


KCB said...

Oh, that's the pits. Okay, I've been meaning to share this on my blog but here you go. On our trip to Boston last summer, we flew the first leg from Austin to Dallas on a packed flight.

My 5-year old wanted to know why we were going to Dallas instead of Boston and whether Boston is in Texas. My 9-year old then loudly announced, with a wicked glint in his eye, "No, Boston is in Mexico...Thank you for homeschooling me, Mom!"

Anonymous said...

Well, the comments box ate my comment twice, so I'm trying once more and then that's it!

My sympathies to you, Sheila, tooth problems are the PITS!

I have been extra careful with flossing lately and I also started adding a drop of peppermint oil to my brush for part of the brushing time - it's a great antiseptic.

I wish I could send you a short movie of my son doing "goof Taekwondo" earlier - that might cheer you up!

shaun said...

Oh, that is an awful story -- I am not a good flosser, I confess, even with my husband's constant badgering, er, gentle reminding.

I just posted a little funny on my blog, so I won't type it again and spoil the punchline for you.