Monday, February 16, 2009

More Art Projects

Here's a van Gogh: Wheatfield With Cypresses. You might recognize it. I used to have a very cardboardy reproduction of it stapled (yes, stapled) to my wall, once upon a time. It was from the Sally Ann. Eventually even those staples wouldn't hold it up, sadly, and last I saw it was lolling in a corner at my parents' summer cabin. Nestled in the burnt orange shag. By the avocado green stove.

Anyhow, here was another pastel project. I got this idea from the very excellent Art Projects For Kids blog. We love the ideas on this blog: they're simple, they don't take all day to do, and they usually involve items I have on hand. 

Max's take on Wheatfield. Max was slightly annoyed that he'd been so caught up in one half of the painting and didn't leave room for the cypress, but I like the fact that he was so absorbed.

Dominic's take on Wheatfield.

FDPG's take on Wheatfield.


Andrea said...

I love these every time you post them! I've got to get my ass out of this chair and actually try it with Rhiannon!

sheila said...

Andrea, you have to check out that blog - she posts the BEST ideas. I need to get another pack of pastels. These projects use up a lot of pastels. Sure is fun though. I usually do this when we've exhausted our Fun Quotient for the day, or when I'm feeling too weenie and tired to do anything creative. It's a very handy alternative (to watching me grouch around the house!).

shaun said...

Those are super cool. I just have to ask -- are your kids usually up for your suggestion? Do you have a magic way of proposing it? Maybe because they know I am in no way a visual artist, my kids totally disregard anything I have to say about it. Also, they compare like crazy. Very curious to hear your process.

Vivian said...

These are so lovely! I'm going to take our pastels so the kids will be inspired by this idea. Thanks!