Saturday, February 14, 2009

Floral Spelling Errors

FDPG is doing yet another badge for Brownies, and one of the requirements of this particular badge involves studying "a festival" from another culture. Being the little FDPG that she is, she chose the Hanami, or Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan, which happens close to this time of year. So we contacted a friend in Japan, we inquired about special foods that might be associated with that festival, and we tried our hand at some cherry blossom origami.

And then, the other morning, I spied this hastily scribbled message on the white board.

It should say "cherry." 

FDPG was most annoyed when I pointed it out to her.

"Argh, I KNEW it!" she scowled. She hates misspelling things. She really does. She never misspells anything twice. Sometimes I pass by her bedroom door at night and I can hear her, in bed, whispering words to herself. That's right, she gives herself spelling tests at night, after she's gone to bed. Gosh, the things this kid does for fun.

But you know, somehow "cheery" seems way more a propos. 

I might have to plant some cheery blossoms, this spring.

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