Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

Shaun at Red Sea School (a blog name I love, by the way), has tagged me for this photo meme. The idea is that you go to your photo cache and choose the 6th photo, post it, and include some explanation. By the way, when we were looking at the photo she chose, my boys both exclaimed, at the very same instant "THAT KID HAS A LEGO LIFE JACKET!"

So here's my sixth photo. It's a picture of FDPG (who has inherited her mother's penchant for faux leopard skin hats) pulling Dominic through Yaletown in Vancouver in a wagon. I'd forgotten how much time she spent towing Dominic, who at that particular age always seemed to be either tired, or grumpy, or just plain ornery, around with her. He'd plonk himself down on the ground and refuse to move. We experimented with his resolve many times: leaving him and going far far away (while keeping an eye of course), ignoring him, and sometimes doing this - heaving him into a wagon and dragging him around after us. FDPG was never bothered by this, err, personality aspect of his, fortunately, and she lavished all her maternal instincts on him willingly. Which was pretty darn lucky for him, because he really used mine up some days!

I love this photo. I love how disgruntled and incredibly floppy Dominic looks, and I love how patient and calm FDPG looks, in her lurid fuschia tights and red boots. I think they were about 3.5 then. How time flies.

So, there it is, my sixth photo. I don't know to tag (Suji? Samantha? Heather? Louise? Maureen?), but whoever you are, feel free to post. And let me know about it!


Suji said...

Ahyayaii! You got me! :) FDPG really fits her nickname and Dominic looks like he's a pretty tall kid even at that age! Love both their boots. DS has one just like Dominic's.

shaun said...

They do have great expressions in this pic. They say so much. Funny about FDPG towing her brother in the wagon, seems like something out of Dickens, one sibling hauling the other around though he is perfectly capable of moving himself.