Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Times Like These

That I really really really miss living near a Trader Joe's. A friend of mine sent this link. I'm sure it was to drive me mad.

It's very funny. Especially if you know what the phenomenon known as Trader Joe's is.


shaun said...

I've seen multiple links to this now. I had to laugh, as they are building a TJs fairly near to me now (there are some in more distant suburbs, but not in my city), and we all talk about what a weird location it is and how there will be *no* parking. (Also, we have the weird liquor laws of no alcohol in grocery stores.)

Still, I am looking forward to it! I can hit it on the way to or from co-op with ease!

sheila said...

Oh my, now I have City Envy for where YOU live, Shaun! I'd LOVE to live in the same city as a TJ store, but alas, as long as I'm living north of the border I doubt I ever will, because this is the Land of the Heavily Taxed Drink, not to mention the heavily taxed everything. TJs would never make any $ here.