Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday I'm In Love

I haven't been doing much in the Poetry Friday vein these days, but I just spent a couple of hours writing reports and listening to music on YouTube. It was like coming out of a really good yoga session, listening to all that music.

What started it all was seeing bits of the Brit Awards on the television. I caught this bit, and despite the best efforts of FDPG ("Are you going to watch ALL of that? Who is that man? Do you like his hat? Why are their heads so big? Are those men NAKED!?") I managed to hear almost every bit of it. And then I sighed and let her turn on Survivorand daydreamed a little. I spent a lot of time listening to those fellows.

So here's my Friday offering to you all. Consider it my Dance Music Friday post.

First, since it's Friday. I want to run screaming into the street I love this song so much. Not to mention this one. This band made my 20's so incredibly bearable (even if they did encourage me to do odd things at inappropriate times).

Then, the same boys, a little longer in the tooth. I love this version, even if I do feel a little teary at the sight of the older, sadder Mr Smith.

And let's not forget a modern imitation. I want that gold waistcoat.

What have you done to deserve this?

I once spent a week-end painting a mural on a kitchen wall and listening to this record (on a cassette tape I am so OLD) the entire time. That was WBKH (Way Before Kids and Husband) but I still have this one memorized.

Never noticed the armadillo before.

Heaven knows I am not miserable now.

Finally, my brother, when he moved into the basement and got all affected and miserable, used to play this song over and over and over and over. When my parents went out he'd play it loud. Really loud. The basement reverberated until I knew it forwards and backwards, even though I was so young and free of metaphor that I really thought the singer WAS talking about running. And after all those goofy Goths I felt like getting just a little rowdy. Well, that and I couldn't find Little Red Corvette on YouTube...

Back to your regularly scheduled programming, now. All of you.


Samantha said...

You had me at naked.

What a fun trip down memory lane! Love Cats was my first Cure song and I think I liked them because everyone I knew thought they were so weird (therefore making me so weird). I also loved Pet Shop Boys, those serious British boys.

I think I shall have Friday I'm in Love in my head all day - and that is a good thing :-)

Rebecca said...

Sheila, you little bohemian, you.

The Cure. I still have all my CDs. Watching the videos is interesting (I was anti-TV when I was into The Cure). They explain a lot about why my husband dances the way he does. Heh.

Pet Shop Boys have too much of the ex-husband about them. He made me "a tape" during the courtship.

I've been thinking a lot about Love and Rockets lately. Anyone? Anyone?

sheila said...

Well, Samantha, it's the least I can do for such a cheerful person like you (have you singing such a wonderful song, that is). I made Richard listen to it before he went to work, too, so he could have it running through his head all day as well.

Rebecca: I definitely relate to the bohemian. Even now I see those videos and want to wear black coats and spike my hair. Of course, at my advanced age I would look creepy, and my kids would think I'd lost it, so I restrain myself a bit. A bit. That's tragic about the PSB and the Ex (ooh, like that as a title). Neil Tennant looked SO amazing at the Brit awards, in his bowler hat and weird black Michelin Man coat. I've always wanted to dress like him, come to think of it.

I don't know Love and Rockets, but I see from a cursory Google search that they seem connected with Bauhaus, who I do know.

Samantha said...

I'm alive, so aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive
I haven't thought about them in a long time.

I treated my son to a little Robert Smith in the car today - not quite sure what he thought of it. One song he asked me if it was a 'girl song', whatever that means.

sheila said...

Oh, that's so funny. I was blasting them from the computer today and I overheard Max saying, to the twins "Mum's rockin' out today, isn't she?" When he saw RS on the computer, he said "That guy looks pretty weird. What's he doing with that kitten?" I didn't have the heart to tell him that lots of drugs and antidepressants were probably involved in the making of that video.

Funny thing is, listening to it makes ME so happy, too.I had to fight the urge to run off and hitchhike up the island with my tent and a bottle of wine and my iPod...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those Pet Shop Boys - and that video was definitely NOT boring - wow, sizzling scenes in the bubbles - naked men trampolining - more posts like this one and you'll have us all steaming up the computer screen!

Samantha said...

FYI - showing your child The Cure videos only seems to prove that you are as weird as they think you are ;-).