Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seeing Stars

When we went up to the Waldorf Christmas Craft Fair in the fall I saw stars like these on the windows in the classrooms. They were so beautiful. Luminous. Ethereal. Glowing, even. I was quite taken with them. So taken, in fact, that I convinced my parsimonious wallet to part with $20 so I could buy The Children's Year, a Waldorfy book with all kinds of nice cosy crafts to knit, build, and fold. The star pattern was in this book. I could just see MY windows glowing with those luminous tissue paper stars.

We never seemed to get around to making them, though. I glanced at the pattern once or twice, but that was about it. Vague "start with a sheet of paper any size" instructions tend to fox me, even more so now I'm under the influence of Tooth Pain From Hell. There I am, jaw athrobbin' (sounds more interesting that way, somehow), and the idea of making 8 sections of something thin and easily ripped for each of the twins, not to mention the sometimes-all-thumbs Max, sounds way too complicated.

Then I thought, ah what the heck. It's so gray and miserable out there (or is it just me, feeling gray and miserable in here?).

So we folded. And cut. And folded some more. And cut some more (for the ones that ripped too easily got away).

And then I stuck them on the windows.

We admired the layering.

We admired the shading of the colours.

We admired our folding prowess.

We admired how they brightened up the windows, too.

Nice how such a simple thing change a whole mood.

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. I want some.