Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forgetting Happy

I haven't been blogging much lately, even though there's been so much going on. 

First there was that irritating matter of the tooth I had pulled out. I got an infection; I had much pain. Then, oh joy, I developed yet more tooth trouble: an old root canal flared up. Apparently a dentist (who shall remain nameless but lives in Vancouver and probably spent at least 3 weeks each year in Hawaii solely because of my crappy teeth on my dime) neglected to notice that I have extra roots in my teeth, and when he did the root canal he left one of them. My theory is that the ignored root developed a Sympathy Infection to comfort the other infection. My teeth are nothing if not joined in solidarity: if one of them falls out, so do the others.


My first indication of More Dental Woes was that I had, for several days, a very puffy face. Oh, and more pain. Let's not forget that (Sheila laughs with thinly disguised, bubbling over, desperation gay abandon). And when I tried to impress upon the dental receptionist my utter lack of funds and thus my earnest need for Cheap Solutions To The Puffy Face, she actually had the nerve to totally freak me out tell me that upper tooth infections can mean imminent death. Oops, sorry: IMMINENT DEATH. (she definitely said it in caps) So in I scurried. And her husband, my manic, nutty, crazy dentist, said "Oh yeah! You ARE going to die!" with a gleeful zest, until, that is, he saw the exhausted tears glinting in my eye, after which he said "But it won't be today." 

So now I await a reference to another dentist, someone who will perform the complicated surgery on my failed root canal.  I'm puréeing all my food. And taking antibiotics. And trying to keep up with all the things we have going on in our lives.

Like Max's 4H project.
And Dominic's motor-building mania (this book, flawed as it is, was written for this kid).
And FDPG's yen to really celebrate Valentine's Day in a really BIG WAY, not to mention help her prepare for her many many Brownie projects that involve me getting lots of little rice balls and helping her make a tissue paper cherry blossom branch and helping her learn a Japanese song, not to mention helping her make cards to send to her 4 zillion friends. (FDPG doesn't do anything halfway)

And lots of other mildly exhausting (but totally essential to my kids) things that involve being awake and coherent and even tempered. Home school commitments. Lessons. At least now I can open my jaw fully, although there are some here who might say that that was a bit of a mixed blessing for us all. Ahem. 

And, in between, I think of ways to keep my teeth from breaking up into little pieces.


Suji said...

I have this recurring nightmare that occurs in either one of two ways. One, my teeth begin shaking one after another, threatening to drop. Or, I wake up (in my dream) with a dropped tooth in my mouth and run amok in the house. So you have my deepest sympathies. I hope those toothy woes go away soon! And thanks for stopping by earlier at my blog :)

Samantha said...

Oh my poor dear Sheila, that just plain sucks! And still you manage to keep your sense of humour.
I am starting to understand the whole denist-phobia thing because lately I seem to be having nothing but negative dentist experiences. How are we to find a good and honest one?
If I lived closer, I would slip some P&P (or are you more of an S&S girl?) in your dvd player to help get you through the day.

Vivian said...

Oh, Sheila! Here's to a quick recovery. And no more tooth troubles.

sheila said...

Suji! Ack! What a dream! Terrible, although there have been days when I feel like I am living your dream. Thanks for the laugh at your blog, by the way. That was very cute.

sheila said...

Oh Samantha, I feel so irritated thinking about that stupid dentist in Vancouver. Richard wanted me to call him and tell him but really, what's he going to do? I tell you, I could use some P&P AND some S&S right now. And a giant bottle of wine, but I have to stay sober so Max can do his FSAs.

shaun said...

Do you see the dentist from Little Shop of Horrors? ack! My teeth hurt just reading this.

We are having the lowest key Valentine's day, unless DH has something surprising planned. (Note: this would be a huge surprise, totally out of his character, and might result in me calling in a psychiatric specialist.)

this is my patch said...

I know only too well how excrutiating tooth pain can be, and I have had root canal treatment too. I have the dentist on Thursday, recently three of my teeth have broken. I wonder if we have the same syndrome! I hope by now yours have settled down and you have no more trips to the dentist, for a while at least. x